Here Comes the PJ March Madness Final Four!

A week ago, there were 32. Now we’re already down to our Final Four in the Political Junkie March Madness tournament! We are already halfway through our Semifinal round, and it’s time for you cast your votes to determine the competitors in next week’s final face-off!

Take a look at our Semifinals bracket below, and cast your vote before Saturday, April 5 at 11:00 pm EDT!

PJ March Madness - Semifinals Bracket

Quarterfinals Voting Results & Semifinal Match-Ups

LEFT SIDE: #1 Rand Paul vs. #2 Chris Christie
Rand Paul – 83.3%
John Thune – 16.7%

Ted Cruz – 45.2%
Chris Christie – 54.8%

RIGHT SIDE: #7 Rob Portman vs. #3 Paul Ryan
Scott Walker – 41.5%
Rob Portman – 58.5%

Paul Ryan – 57.1%
Marco Rubio – 42.9%

Quarterfinals Brief Analysis

Could Rob Portman be going all the way? The #7-seed has survived three face-offs, pulling off an upset of #1-seeded Scott Walker. Having outed one Wisconsinite in the Quarterfinals, Portman goes up against another, #3-seeded former-VP nominee Paul Ryan, to see who will make it into the championship round.

Meanwhile, #1-seed Rand Paul and #2-seed Chris Christie are going head to head in this one. As two of the GOP’s most-likely names to be facing off in the Republican primaries in 2016, our Semifinals will serve as one of the first straw polls to put these two leading conservative figures head-to-head, so your vote in this round really counts!

Regardless of the outcome of our Semifinals, we are sure to have a very exciting Championship round set up for next week! But who will be our final two competitors? Only your votes can determine that…

–Douglas Bell, Political Junkie Web Producer
(Ken will offer his overall analysis of our contest after our championship is named next week.)

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