Bringing Political Junkie To The People

Yes, it’s great to hear from candidates and consultants and analysts and party officials and journalists each week on the Political Junkie podcast.  We’ve been doing that with increasing success for months.

Now, we’ve established a NEW feature.  We’re offering a quiz to our listeners.  And the randomly-chosen winners get to come on the podcast and, well, yak about whatever they like.

Last week, we asked you to predict the winners of seven of Tuesday’s primary contests.  Only six people answered them all correctly (the one that stumped most of you was in Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District, where the overwhelming prediction was Marjorie Margolies, the former House member and current mother-in-law of Chelsea Clinton.  She lost.

The randomly-selected person who came up with all seven was Shirlina Mann of Ashburn, Va.  And she and her husband (who, full disclosure, worked with her on the answers) got to come on the the most recent show and talk about how it has been a lifetime dream of theirs to be on the podcast.

This week’s question:  Assuming Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is not long for his job — and that’s a fair assumption, given the growing political brouhaha — when will his departure be announced?  And at what time (for the purposes of tie-breaking)?

You can e-mail your guess to Ken Rudin. Or leave a message on our Political Junkie Google voicemail inbox: 316-KEN-9646.

Good luck!

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