Texas Hold ‘Em

The Lone Star State kicked off the 2022 primary season on Tuesday, offering little excitement though some surprises.  Here’s what happened: GOVERNOR:  A relatively few Republicans bought the argument that Gov. Greg Abbott (R) was insufficiently conservative, as the incumbent took more than 66% of the vote.  Allen West, the former Texas GOP chair and …

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Episode #383: The End Of The Bush Era?

A review of Tuesday’s primaries in Texas, featuring George P Bush’s attempt to topple the state attorney general. Plus, a Presidents Week look at some classic movies and the presidents they portrayed.

Episode #382: Truth Or Consequences

The health of a New Mexico Democrat becomes critical in a Senate that is split 50-50. And Mike Pence, who spent four years as a compliant vice president, surprised many with his break from Donald Trump over the correct course of action on that fateful Jan. 6th day.

Episode #381: Joe Gets His Court Pick, Maybe

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, under tremendous pressure from the left, announced his resignation this week, which allows President Biden to name a successor while the Democrats still control the Senate.

Despite Some Disappointing News, GOP Still Has Senate Edge For 2022

The Democrats got some good news in the past couple of weeks that could help them when it comes to Senate races up in 2022.  There was a big surprise in New Hampshire, where Chris Sununu, the popular Republican governor, said he would not challenge Democratic incumbent Maggie Hassan next year.  The guessing all along …

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Episode #379: In The Middle Of Nowhere

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman, author of a new book about centrism in politics, says both parties need to compromise if they expect anything to get done. And we review the career of Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT), who announced his retirement after nearly 48 years in office.

Episode #378: A Hero, To The Max

We remember former Georgia Democratic Sen. Max Cleland, who died last week and who was on the receiving end of one the most controversial attack ads in political history. And we weigh the decision by New Hampshire GOP Gov. Chris Sununu not to challenge Sen. Maggie Hassan (D) next year, who is thought to be vulnerable.

Your 2021 Election Day Scorecard

If you’ve picked up a newspaper in the past few weeks, you’ve probably read that this year’s Virginia gubernatorial race is historically significant, and especially so this year, that it will send a signal to the rest of the country about what to expect in the 2022 midterm elections.  If Democrat Terry McAuliffe wins, the …

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Episode #377: Yes Virginia, This One Matters

Tuesday’s gubernatorial contest in Virginia is being watched nationwide for a possible clue about what might happen in the 2022 midterms … and how to deal with Donald Trump. And former Sen. Harry Reid makes the case for Nevada to lead off the presidential calendar, not Iowa.

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