Episode #358: Shame. And Hope.

January 2021 is the final month of Donald Trump’s presidency. It also was the month where he was, for the second time, impeached by the House … this time for inciting an insurrection. And we remember the 1954 attack on the House by Puerto Rican nationalists.

Episode #357: For All The Marbles

We look at what’s at stake in Tuesday’s Senate runoffs in Georgia. And a former senator explains why she took part in an electoral certification protest in 2005 and what it doesn’t compare to what Republicans are doing this time.

Episode #355: The Electoral College vs. Trump University

A new book examines why “faithless electors” are faithless, why they break from their parties’ nominees in the Electoral College. And we speak to one such elector, a 1976 Ford elector who nonetheless voted for Reagan.

Episode #354: David Dinkins and the Harlem Gang of Four

A former Republican congressman argues that 2020 was a great year for the GOP, despite Trump’s defeat. And a former New York state comptroller discusses the life and legacy of the late David Dinkins, NYC’s only black mayor, and the past and future of African-American politics in the city.

Episode #353: You Never Forget Your First Runoff

Georgia will be experiencing two Senate runoffs next month. Back in 1992, Senator Wyche Fowler was forced into a runoff of his own — where he lost his seat. Fowler offers similarities and differences between now and then.

Episode #352: Georgia On Everyone’s Mind

The two Georgia Senate runoffs on Jan. 5th will determine which party gets control. Democrats must win both if they are to claim the majority; if they don’t, Mitch McConnell will remain as majority leader.

Who Dat? — S (Part 2)

We had so much success with our first round of “S” unknown buttons that we’re offering a second batch — and these look even tougher. As our fellow political junkies know, for some time now we’ve been showing photos of unknown buttons, arranged alphabetically by candidate names, for you to help identify.  We can’t make …

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Election 2020: Biden Wins Presidency, GOP Gains In House & Retains Senate Majority

Here is the Political Junkie’s tabulation of winners for each state’s presidential, Senate and gubernatorial contests, plus new House members.  All results as of 11/13.  We’ll update these numbers when new results are announced. ALABAMA: PRESIDENT — Trump. SENATE — Incumbent Democrat Doug Jones was ousted by Republican Tommy Tuberville. GOVERNOR — None. NEW HOUSE …

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