This Week’s Trivia Question – 4/30/15

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) jumped in the presidential race Thursday as a Democrat, but as Stu Rothenberg says in this week’s podcast, his chances of winning the nomination are close to zero.  Unless something dramatic happens, it looks like Hillary Clinton is going to be her party’s nominee.  But she WON’T be the first female presidential …

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Episode #72: Chafee Weighs Run, Mondale Makes History

The GOP number is now three, with the entry of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio into the presidential race. Jeff Kaufmann, the chair of the Iowa Republican Party, and Steve Duprey, the Republican national committeeman from New Hampshire, talk about their party’s announced and potential candidates, and how they’re playing in those two crucial early states. …

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Episode #71: Culture Wars, Court Failures and Corruption

The controversy in Indiana and elsewhere over so-called religious freedom laws brings us back to a conversation about the nation’s “culture wars.” In previous decades, conservatives seemed to have the upper hand on this, especially when it came to ballot measures involving same-sex marriage. But there has been a drastic sea change on the issue …

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This Week’s Trivia Question – 3/26/15

It’s a time for declarations — some, like Indiana Senator Dan Coats, are announcing they’re stepping down. Others, like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, are stepping up. Which leads to this week’s question: Coats is the third senator* to call it quits this cycle — following Barbaras Boxer and Mikulski.  This is the second time Coats has …

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